Soccer players who died on the field: Footballers who died on the pitch

Soccer players who died on the field

Soccer players who have died on the field have caused sadness among football fans. For football lovers and players, the most heartbreaking experience is death, especially on the field of play. However, despite football being the most popular sport in the world, the sports world as a whole would prefer to avoid it.

Since 13 January 1889 many football players have lost their lives while playing football take a look at the list of soccer players who died on the field.

Game after game, football provides us with unforgettable moments, victories, and joys. However, it does have its sad and moving moments. Footballers who died on the field will never be forgotten. After all, we should live with their memories and bargain our beloved idols farewell.

List of soccer players who died on the field while playing football

List of soccer players who died on the field while playing football
List of soccer players who died on the field while playing football

This is a full overview of football players who passed away and whose deaths were published in the media for an assortment of causes, including injuries, cardiac arrests, natural deaths, and occasionally uncertain causes. So far, many footballers have lost their lives while playing soccer for their beloved clubs. The following is a list of soccer players who died on the field from 1889 to the Present:

Date of death Player Age at death Team Cause Of Death
12 April 2023 Martin Filipcic 15 Samobor In the youth league match against Dugo Selo, he informed the referee he wasn’t feeling well and then collapsed while receiving medical attention. He was reportedly alive when the ambulance arrived but was dead soon after.
15 February 2023 Arne Espeel 25 Winkel Sport B He was a goalkeeper, who collapsed just a moment after saving a penalty against Westrozebeke. After saving the shot, the goalkeeper rose to his feet to celebrate before falling unconscious. The emergency team raced to rescue him yet, he was declared dead shortly after being moved to the hospital.
07 January 2023 Modeste M’bami 40 Cameroon and Paris Saint-Germain Died after suffering from a heart attack.
03 December 2022 Erion Kajtazi 17 KF Trepca ’89 Cardiac arrest while playing match.
29 November 2022 Andrés Balanta 22 Atletico Tucuman Cardiac arrest during training.
30 September 2022 Alexandru Vagner 33 Inter Cristian During a workout at the Inter Cristian sports complex, Vagner suffered a heart attack. He was taken to the emergency unit at Brasov County Hospital but was unable to survive.
14 September 2022 Mariano Ondo 23 Cano Sport Academy Equatorial Guinean right back; fainted and lost consciousness after a training session; later that day, he was declared dead with a heart attack as the likely cause of death.
15 July 2022 Aleksandr Kozlov 29 Ararat Yerevan Spartak Moscow announced Kozlov’s death, which was reportedly caused by a blood clot suffered while training with Zorkiy Krasnogorsk.
15 May 2022 Mark Davies 49 Retired Although paramedics were performing CPR on Davies, the 49-year-old collapsed on the field while playing for Llanelli in a veterans cup final. Davies was found unresponsive.
2 February 2022 Alexandros Lampis 21 GS Ilioupoli Following the Greek footballer’s cardiac arrest, Lampis passed away on the field five minutes later. It took an ambulance 20 minutes to arrive at the stadium, and there was no defibrillator there. Following the incident, the game versus Ermionida was called off.
3 January 2022 Marcos Menaldo 25 Deportivo Marquense The central defender, who was 25 years old, reportedly fainted while training with his teammates. He was taken to a hospital, where his death was officially verified.
25 December 2021 Sofiane Loukar 30 MC Saida Immediately passed away after collapsing in the middle of a match.
23 December 2021 Mukhaled Al-Raqadi 29 Muscat Club collapsed in the warm-up for the Omantel League match against Suwaiq Club.
23 December 2021 Marin Cacic 23 NK Nehaj Died in a hospital on December 21, 2021, while undergoing training, from a cardiac arrest.
22 December 2021 Ahmed Amin 23 Al Rebat & Al Anwar SC Goalkeeper Ahmed Amin died in the team’s locker room after suffering a heart attack following a training session. Attempts to immediately revive the player was pointless. The player was then taken in an ambulance to a nearby hospital, but it is reported that he died en route.
22 December 2021 Taufik Ramsyah 20 Tornado FC Pekanbaru In a Liga 3 Riau game, the goalkeeper was involved in a collision with a Wahana FC player and sustained a fractured skull. Taufik underwent surgery for his shattered skull and spent several days in a coma before succumbing to his wounds.
17 December 2021 Karol Setniewski 13 Znicz Pruszkow After the game, he passed away due to a severe headache.
12 November 2021 Jony Lopez 16 Sol del Este While playing the game, he had a fatal heart attack.
15 October 2021 Christophe Ramassamy 54 AS Saint Yves Christophe Ramassamy, a 54-year-old footballer, died of a heart attack.
8 October 2021 Benoit Sabard 49 SC Massay There were 20 minutes left in the game, and he died.
25 September 2021 Guillermo Arias 31 Camaguan FC Arias passed away from a cardiac arrest after collapsing on the field during the third division tournament’s quarterfinals.
4 September 2021 Jens De Smet 27 FCC Filosoof Jens (27), an amateur player, collapses and passes away on a Dutch football field.
2 September 2021 Dylan Rich 17 West Bridgford Colts A young football player allegedly had a cardiac arrest during a game and died as a result.
28 August 2021 Alexander Shishmarev 23 Krasnaya Zvezda During a Russian training game Alexander Shishmarev, collided with an opponent. He received medical attention for “more than an hour” before dying.
16 July 2021 Imad Bayumi 45 Retired During a friendly match, he suffered a circulatory collapse.
11 July 2021 Jajov Adenan 30 Piansano Cardiac arrest
22 June 2021 Viktor Marcell Hegedus 18 Andrashida SC Passed away during a training warmup.
1 June 2021 Giuseppe Perrino 29 Parma Died Due to a Heart Attack
18 April 2021 Tremaine Stewart 33 Portmore United Died while playing football
11 April 2021 Dejan Orsus 24 NK Otok After suffering a cardiac arrest during a league match against Radnicki, he collapsed and died later that day in the hospital.
8 March 2021 Abdul Rahman Atef 23 Al Qanayat He died during a league match against El Rowad.
7 January 2021 Alex Apolinario 24 Alverca In the 27th minute of a league match on January 3, 2021, went into cardiac arrest. After several attempts, he was revived and taken to the hospital, where he was placed in an induced coma and died four days later.
27 November 2020 Sajjad Ali Al-Sulaikh While playing a league match against Bismayah, he died of a heart attack.
21 November 2020 Ricky Yacobi 57 Retired While participating in a friendly game with several teammates and journalists, he suffered a heart attack.
8 March 2020 Chineme Martins 22 Nasarawa United During a league game, he collapsed and died.
29 December 2019 Radhakrishnan Dhanarajan 39 East Bengal After facing breathing problems and chest pain, he collapsed suddenly. 
7 November 2019 Renan Henrique Santos 16 Agua Santa U17 During a training session, he passed away. Cardiac arrest was the cause of death.
26 September 2019 Agustin Martinez 17 Boston River He went into cardiac arrest while sitting on the bench after being replaced in a league game against Cerro due to a knee injury.
6 July 2019 Derrick Williams 30 Lucas Cwmbran During a friendly match, he suffered a cardiac arrest.
17 June 2019 Edwin Boakai National Port Authority Anchors During a training session, he collapsed and died.
8 May 2019 Ludwin Flores Nole 27 Los Rangers After drinking ice-cold water at the end of a match, he suffered a heart attack.
25 April 2019 Faty Papy 28 Malanti Chiefs He suffered a heart attack while playing in a match in Eswatini.
2 March 2019 Herman Tsinga 30 Akanda FC He collapsed after attempting to win a header. He received a twenty-minute cardiac massage on the field but died en route to the hospital.
27 January 2019 Francisco Cavada 32 Marina de Cudeyo Collapsed and died
22 January 2019  Fode Sidibe ASC Bouake Died after collapsing during a training session.
4 November 2018 Ekundayo Ebenezer Mawoyeka 23  Saraykoyspor Died of a heart attack
6 October 2018 Ramon Neto da Costa 31 Ararangua Esporte Clube Died during a friendly game.
14 September 2018 Mamadou Camara 26 USON Mondeville Heart attack during training.
1 September 2018 Tijmen Steenbergen 13 VV Marinus van Died after a collision with the Left back.
29 June 2018 Mohamed Farouk 33 Sidi Salem Club Heart attack during a friendly match
4 May 2018 Luyanda Ntshangase 21 Maritzburg United Died from injuries.
24 March 2018 Bruno Boban 25 Marsonia 1909 Collapsed during a match and was found dead.
13 February 2018 Danilinho 32 Juazeirense Heart attack during training.
3 February 2018 Nacho Barbera 15 UD Alzira Died on the field during a youth team match.
12 December 2017 Izzy Dezu 17 Shelbourne U16 Unhealthy
2 November 2017 Joel Lobanzo 17 Royal Antwerp U19 He died of a heart attack during a training match.
15 October 2017 Choirul Huda 38 Persela Lamongan He collided with his teammate Ramon Rodrigues and got injured to his lower jaw and head before passing away in a local hospital.
1 October 2017 Shota Maminashvili 31 FC Zugdidi Collapsed during his warmup and died.
17 September 2017 Luc Jacobs 26 SC Helmondia Collapsed and died in the hospital.
5 June 2017 Cheick Tiote 30 Beijing Enterprises A heart attack caused him to collapse and lose consciousness during a training session.
3 June 2017 Aseged Tesfaye 46 Ethiopian Coffee Heart attack during the team training session.
28 April 2017 Ben Walker 15 Thrapston Town Juniors Cardiac Arrest
27 April 2017 Gofaone Tiro 26 Township Rollers Heart attack during the team training session.
26 April 2017 Moise Brou Apanga 35 FC 105 Libreville Heart attack during team training.
11 February 2017 James Moorfoot 28 Langtoft AFC Cardiac arrest during a match and died on the field.
4 December 2016 Ismail Mrisho Khalfan 19 Mbao During the U-20 League match, he was tackled by an opponent and died of a heart attack.
13 November 2016 Jack Atkinson 18 Holland F C During a U-18s game, a heart attack occurred, and died.
19 September 2016 Dominic James 18 Waterhouse Collapsed and died.
13 September 2016 Dan Wilkinson 26 Shaw Lane Cardiac arrest on the field and died in the hospital.
11 September 2016 Ben Idrissa Derme 34 AJ Biguglia Died of a heart attack.
26 August 2016 Kieran McDade 13 Dunbeth FC Cardiac arrest during football training.
15 August 2016 Michael Umanika 20 Zagatala Died of a suspected heart attack.
16 July 2016 Antony Stott 26 Thirroul Thunder Cardiac arrest.
9 May 2016 Jeanine Christelle Djomnang 26 Cameroon She died of a heart attack
7 May 2016 Bernardo Ribeiro 26 Friburguense He died of a heart attack.
6 May 2016 Patrick Ekeng 26 Dinamo București Collapsed in a match and died.
1 May 2016 Stefan Petrovski 18 Melaka United Struck by lightning while training on 5 April, died in hospital.
13 March 2016 Hugo Suarez 28 Llaranes With severe chest pain, he collapsed and died.
6 December 2015 Abdul Haruna 27 Kano Pillars F.C. Collapsed and died on the field while playing in a friendly match.
15 October 2015 Sergei Filippenkov 44 FC Zenit Penza Died during a friendly match
2 September 2015 Stelios Markousis 18 Veria Heart attack during a training session and died shortly afterward.
11 July 2015 Daniel Kowalski 24 Germania Niederrodenbach Heart problem.
7 July 2015 Junior Dian 23 Tonbridge Angels Collapsed in a friendly match.
13 June 2015 David Oniya 30 T-Team Collapsed and died.
31 May 2015 Shetemi Ayetigbo 16 Belvedere Collapsed and died.
24 May 2015 Cristian Gomez 27 Club Atletico Parana Died of heart failure during a match.
14 May 2015 Emanuel Ortega 21 San Martin de Burzaco Died after sustaining a fatal head injury.
11 May 2015 Tim Nicot 23 Beerschot-Wilrijk Died due to heart failure
30 April 2015 Gregory Mertens 24 Sporting Lokeren Died due to heart failure
28 March 2015 Ben Hiscox 30 Stoke Gifford Hitting his head against the wall
10 November 2014 Dipak Adhikari Abu Dhabi Police Force Team Died after collapsing during a match.
19 October 2014 Melissa Smith 15 Cadley FC Collapsed on the field and was found dead.
19 October 2014 Peter Biaksangzuala 23 Bethlehem Vengthlang He died from spinal injuries sustained when he landed awkwardly while celebrating a goal.
3 September 2014 Carlos Barra 23 Deportes Maipo Quilicura Cardiac arrest caused his death.
23 August 2014 Albert Ebosse Bodjongo 24 JS Kabylie While leaving the pitch, he was hit by a projectile.
19 May 2014 Akli Fairuz 27 Persiraja Died after colliding with the opposite goalkeeper during a game, but died the next day from internal bleeding.
3 May 2014 Kodjo Etonam Adjassou 24 Bankstown City Collapsed and died.
28 February 2014 Kevon Carter 30 Defence Force After having chest pains during a training session, he died of a heart attack.
23 December 2013 Jamie Skinner 13 Tynecastle Cardiac arrest during a match.
17 November 2013 Alex Marques 20 G.D. Tourizense Cardiac arrest.
27 August 2013 Hector Sanabria 27 Deportivo Laferrere In the league match, he suffered a heart attack and died before reaching the hospital.
30 July 2013 Matthias Viereckl 19 SC Marchtrenk Died in a friendly match.
27 July 2013 Sekou Camara 27 Pelita Bandung Raya The cause of death was a heart attack, which occurred on the field during a practice session.
21 July 2013 Yair Clavijo 18 Sporting Cristal During a reserve match, he died from cerebral edema with brain herniation caused by hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.
21 June 2013 Alen Pamic 23 NK Istra 1961 Heart attack.
17 June 2013 Mohammad Fahad 32 Al-Sulaibikhat Collided with another player during an unofficial game, which caused severe brain bleeding that kept him in a coma.
16 May 2013 Berat Sacipi 31 SV Inter Itzehoe Cardiac arrest
20 April 2013 Dominik Rupp 23 FSV Hemmersdorf Cardiac arrest
2 April 2013 Quentin Margueritte 25 USON Mondeville Cardiac arrest
20 October 2012 Jaouad Akaddar 28 Hassania Agadir Cardiac arrest
7 October 2012 Joshua Pepple 24 LKS Pomorzanin Nowogard Cardiac arrest
2 September 2012 Victor Brannstrom 29 Pitea IF Cardiac arrest
5 August 2012 Chinonso Ihelwere Henry 21 Delta Tulcea Heart failure
7 July 2012 Arjuna Luiz Venutto Ramos 17 Sao Bernardo Cardiac arrest
12 June 2012 Gerome Graham 20 Bodden Town He passed away during a training session. The cause of death was hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.
5 May 2012 Mohamed Lemine Ould M’Boye ASC Nasr Zem Zem Cardiac arrest
14 April 2012 Piermario Morosini 25 Livorno Cardiac arrest
10 April 2012 Patrick Grange 29 University of New Mexico Chronic traumatic encephalopathy
21 March 2012 Dhanraj Venkatesh 27  Bangalore Mars Cardiac arrest
13 November 2011 Bobsam Elejiko 30 K. Merksem S.C. Collapsed and died during a match
4 August 2011 Naoki Matsuda 34 Matsumoto Yamaga F.C. Cardiac arrest
12 April 2011 Lokissimbaye Loko 30 FC Beaumontois Heart attack
12 December 2010 Emmanuel Ogoli 21 Ocean Boys F.C. Collapsed on the field and died.
10 November 2010 Benjamin Owusu 21 Cavaliers FC Parakou Collapsed while playing and died.
12 September 2010 Nduka Anyanwu 30 SV 1920 Geinsheim  Collapsed during a league match and died.
18 August 2010 Victor Omogbehin 22 Ilford F.C. Collapsed during a league match and died.
8 May 2010 Wilson Mene 22 Prek Pra Keila Collapsed during a league match and died.
8 May 2010 Frederico da Costa Pinheiro 26 Mesquita Cardiac arrest
2 May 2010 Ambrose Wreh 24 Invincible Eleven Heart failure
May 2010 Goran Tunjic 32 Mladost FC Heart attack
9 April 2010 Daniel Robert de Jesus 28 Irtysh Pavlodar Heart attack
8 March 2010 Bartholomew Opoku 19 Kessben F.C. Collapsed and died.
6 March 2010 Endurance Idahor 25 Al-Merreikh Heart attack
24 January 2010 Yannick Dago 17 Arras Football Heart attack
18 November 2009 Salem Saad 31 Al-Nasr Heart attack during a training session.
15 November 2009 Maurizio Greco 25 TuS Guldenstern Stade During the game, he collapsed and died later in the hospital.
20 September 2009 Neridson Estevao 26 Progresso de Sambizanga He died after collapsing during a match in the second division.
2 September 2009 Alexandru Iatan 19 Dunarea Giurgiu Cardiac arrest
8 August 2009 Daniel Jarque 26 RCD Espanyol Cardiac arrest
26 May 2009 Orobosan Adun 28 Warri Wolves FC Internal bleeding during a training session.
2 April 2009 Victor Hugo Avalos 37 Villa Florida Heart attack
15 March 2009 Jumadi Abdi 26 PKT Bontang Collapsed after an incident during the match and died due to a severe infection.
31 May 2008 Rustem Bulatov 34 Torpedo SDYuSShOR Kaluga He died after becoming ill during a game.
3 April 2008 Hrvoje Custic 24 NK Zadar Severe head injuries
16 February 2008 Herve King 27 Ringmer Heart attack
9 February 2008 Guy Tchingoma 22 FC 105 Libreville He collided with an opponent.
29 December 2007 Phil O’Donnell 35 Motherwell Collapsed and died.
29 August 2007 Chaswe Nsofwa 28 Hapoel Be’er Sheva Sudden heart failure.
28 August 2007 Antonio Puerta 22 Sevilla FC After several cardiac arrests.
19 August 2007 Anton Reid 16 Walsall Collapsed and died
27 March 2007 Ivan Karacic 19 NK Siroki Brijeg Heart attack
18 September 2006 Nilton Pereira Mendes 30 FC Shakhter Karagandy Collapsed on the field during a training session and died.
9 September 2006 Matt Gadsby 27 Hinckley United A heart condition caused him to collapse on the field during a Conference.
30 August 2006 Mohamed Abdelwahab 23 Al Ahly During a training match, he died from an undetected heart defect.
10 August 2006 Gokmen Yıldıran 28 Elazıgspor Suffered a heart attack during training.
12 June 2006 Rasmus Green 26 Naestved BK Heart attack
11 April 2006 Victor Alfonso Guerrero 17 Envigado F.C. Died unexpectedly
25 June 2005 Hugo Cunha 28 U.D. Leiria Cardiac Arrest
27 May 2005 Alin Paicu 32 Minerul Matasari He died of a heart attack after collapsing after heading a ball.
12 April 2005 Paul Sykes 28 Folkestone Invicta He collapsed on the field and died of an undiagnosed heart defect.
5 December 2004 Cristiano Junior 24 Dempo Sports Club Collided with the goalkeeper and died.
27 October 2004 Serginho 30 Sao Caetano Sudden Cardiac Arrest 
29 February 2004 Danny Ortiz 27 CSD Municipal Collided with Mario Rafael Rodriguez and died.
25 January 2004 Miklos Feher 24 Benfica Cardiac arrest
9 August 2003 Ali Bakar 55 Malaysia and Penang Heart attack and died
26 June 2003 Marc-Vivien Foe 28 Cameroon Collapsed while playing in the semi-finals
9 March 2003 Marvin Lee 21 Trinidad and Tobago U20 He died two years later after suffering neck and spinal injuries.
12 December 2002 Stefan Toleski 23 FK Napredok Collapsed during a match on the field.
27 October 2002 Giovanni Cordoba 24 Deportivo Cali The same lightning that killed Hernan Gaviria struck him, and he died three days later from his injuries.
24 October 2002 Hernan Gaviria 32 Deportivo Cali Struck by lightning during a training session, and was killed instantly.
October 2002 Marcio dos Santos  28 Deportivo Wanka Heart Attack
20 February 2002 Cristian Neamțu 21 Universitatea Craiova Internal bleeding
20 November 2001 Cedric Lestic 26 AS Cherbourg Heart Attack
29 August 2001 Serhiy Perkhun 23 CSKA Moscow The brain hemorrhaged and he died eight days later.
14 February 2001 Roman Pavelka 33 SK Unicov During physical training, he collapsed and died from a heart condition.
5 October 2000 Catalin Hildan 24 Dinamo Bucuresti Heart Attack
30 May 2000 Ivan Krstic 19 Radnicki Nis Struck by lightning
21 May 2000 Hocine Gacemi 24 JS Kabylie Fractured skull after a clash of heads.
6 May 2000 Robert Mitwerandu 30 Rakow Czestochowa Heart attack.
2 April 2000 Eri Irianto 26 Persebaya Surabaya Heart failure after a game
February 2000 John Ikoroma 17 Al-Wahda S.C.C. Collapsed on the pitch and died
January 2000 Daniel Orbeanu 18 Caraimanul Busteni Infection from a simple sprain
24 July 1999 Ștefan Vrabioru 23 Astra Ploiesti An undetected heart defect led to death.
January 1999 Ferenc Biro 15 Nirajul Miercurea-Nirajului The crossbar fell on his head during a warmup.
28 April 1998  Axel Juptner 29 Carl Zeiss Jena Heart attack.
18 February 1998 Robbie James 40 Llanelli A.F.C. Cardiomyopathy.
4 April 1997 Waheeb Jabara 23 Hapoel Taibe Heart attack.
4 January 1997 Hedi Berkhissa 24 Esperance Sportive de Tunis Heart attack.
29 October 1995 Amir Angwe 29 Julius Berger F.C. Heart attack.
25 August 1995 Michael Goddard Dundela Died during a game after being struck in the chest by the ball.
30 April 1995 Mukandi Tsimaya 28 Atromitos F.C. Elbow hit in the neck by an opponent player
1 September 1993 Gabor Zsiboras 35 MTK Collapsed into a coma in the training session and died.
2 February 1993 Michael Klein 33 Bayer Uerdingen Heart attack during a training session.
8 September 1990 David Longhurst 25 York City Heart attack.
20 April 1990 Vagner Bacharel 35 Parana Head trauma and a 180mm fracture of his left side bone and later severe cerebral edema caused his death.
12 August 1989 Samuel Okwaraji 24 Nigeria High blood pressure.
7 February 1989 Sixto Rovina 27 Groningen Heart attack.
9 December 1987  Dursun Ozbek 17 Galatasaray Heart attack.
23 August 1987 Paulo Navalho 20 Atletico Clube de Portugal Acute myocardial infarction
15 January 1987 Jose Antonio Gallardo 25 CD Malaga Collided with an opponent and died
23 September 1984 Erik Jongbloed 21 DWS Struck by lightning
7 March 1982 Carlos Alberto Barbosa 28 Sport Died from infarction
5 November 1981 Hocine Benmiloudi 26 CR Belouizdad Died during the Ligue 1 match from severe food poisoning.
21 April 1980 Omar Sahnoun 24 Bordeaux Heart attack.
30 October 1977 Renato Curi 24 Perugia Heart attack.
27 August 1977 Michel Soulier 27 Namur Heart attack.
18 May 1977 Tony Aveyard 21 Scarborough Head injuries
14 December 1975 Angel Aviles Deportivo Junin Collapsed on the field due to heart complications
16 December 1973 Pavao 26 F.C. Porto Heart attack
7 January 1973 Pedro Berruezo 27 Sevilla F.C. Heart attack
25 February 1967 Tony Allden Highgate United Struck by lightning
1 November 1966 Petar Radakovic 29 NK Rijeka Collapsed during a training session due to a heart ailment and died
14 July 1963 Constantin Tabarcea 26  Petrolul Ploiesti Collapsed during a match which led him to die in the thymus gland.
4 April 1953 John Kirkby 23 Wrexham Cardiac arrest.
1 April 1951 Mitotonio 35 Ceara Due to stomach congestion.
20 February 1949 Gustav Fahland TSV Braunschweig Internal bleeding.
22 March 1946 Isaac Angulo Alianza Lima Collapsed and died from cardiac arrest.
15 May 1941  Law Adam 32  Thor Due to heart issues, which ultimately caused his death.
14 May 1939 Asbjorn Ronneberg 17 Hof IL Heart attack during the game.
12 November 1936 Jorge Chavez Boza Atletico Chalaco Due to diabetes, his limb was amputated, which ultimately caused his death.
5 February 1936 Jimmy Thorpe 22 Sunderland After the game, he collapsed at home and died four days later in a hospital from diabetes mellitus and heart failure.
10 February 1935 Samuel Beattie 28 Distillery After a head-to-head collision during a quarter-final, he died from a cerebral haemorrhage.
3 December 1934 Pfeiferlik Union Zizkov He fell and suffered from trauma, and he died on the way to the hospital.
1 December 1934 Sim Raleigh 25 Gillingham Died after a clash of heads
17 June 1933  Jon Kristbjornsson 22 Valur Collided with a striker, suffered a head injury, and died.
5 September 1931 John Thomson 22 Celtic Died after suffering a fractured skull in a match
3 May 1927 David Arellano 24 Colo-Colo He died of internal bleeding after being hit by an opposing player during the game.
30 April 1927 Sam Wynne 30 Bury It was a cerebral haemorrhage that caused him to collapse and die.
4 April 1927 Albert Van Coile 27 Cercle Brugge After a collision with an opponent, he died.
13 March 1927 Georges Le Bidois 26 Stade Olympique de l’Est He died in the locker room after receiving a violent kick to the carotid artery.
11 November 1923 Tom Butler Port Vale Eight days after breaking his arm in a match, he died of tetanus.
14 November 1921 Joshua Wilkinson 24 Dumbarton Two days after a game, he died from peritonitis.
22 May 1921 Nikola Gazdic Hajduk Split Late-stage tuberculosis following a game
7 January 1921 Horace Fairhurst 27 Blackpool Head injury
19 February 1916 Bob Benson 33 Arsenal Blood vessel burst
29 December 1909 James Main 23 Hibernian He passed away due to fatal stomach injuries.
January 1908 Frank Levick 26 Sheffield United He had pneumonia after breaking his collarbone while playing against Newcastle United, and he eventually died of heart failure.
8 April 1907 Tommy Blackstock 25 Manchester United In a game against St. Helens, he collapsed after heading a ball and died.
27 October 1906 David “Soldier” Wilson 23 Leeds City Heart attack
27 August 1902 Di Jones 35? Manchester City The infected knee caused death.
January 1900 James Collins Sheppey United On-field injuries led to tetanus.
29 November 1896 Joe Powell 25 Woolwich Arsenal After fracturing his arm during a game against Kettering Town in 1896, he had blood poisoning and tetanus.
25 May 1896 James Logan 25 Loughborough Pneumonia (infection) while playing.
28 March 1894 Teddy Smith 27 Bedminster Suffered a severe concussion after colliding with Eastville Rovers in the Gloucestershire Cup semi-final. He originally continued to play but was eventually forced to leave the game and died the next morning due to wounds.
23 November 1893  Walter Bannister 24  Chesterfield Town A tackle during a game against Derby Junction caused a kidney rupture; he died almost three weeks later.
12 November 1893 John Henry Morris 26  Shrewsbury Town Internal bleeding after a poor tackle in a heated game. The conclusion was that the death was accidental.
11 January 1892  James Dunlop 21  St Mirren Ten days after contracting tetanus from a fall on a piece of glass during a friendly game versus Abercorn, the player passed away.
13 January 1889  William Cropper 26  Staveley A day later, death was caused by a ruptured bowel sustained during a game versus Grimsby Town.

What famous soccer player died recently?

Diego Maradona - What famous soccer player died recently
Diego Maradona

Diego Maradona died in November 2020 of heart failure and pulmonary edema. He had been recovering from brain surgery at a home in the Buenos Aires suburbs, rather than a hospital, and prosecutors say Maradona’s doctors and other caregivers should have known he was in danger and done more to save him.

Has anyone ever died on the field while playing football?

Footballers who died on the pitch Video Source: Youtube

FAQs about soccer players who died on the field

What football player died of a heart attack?

According to the medical examiner, former Miami Hurricanes player Sam Bruce died of a heart attack at the age of 24.

How many footballers have died of heart attack?

In 2020, the FIFA Sudden Death Report was released. From 2014 to 2018, the report tracked worldwide footballers’ deaths attributed to sudden cardiac arrest or other unexplained sudden death while playing (or shortly after playing). During the last five-year period, there were 617 footballers died due to heart attacks (cardiac arrest).

Why do so many footballers have heart attacks?

In young athletes, congenital heart disease is the most typical cause of sudden cardiac death. Coronary artery disease affects older athletes. The optimal way to test for risk factors is still up for debate, yet sudden cardiac death occurs seldom in athletes.


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