Search for fields and courts to schedule and plan your next outing/meet ups.2

9.4K+ Soccer Fields

35K+ Fitness Centers & Gyms

4K+ Skateparks

13.7K+ Running Trails

8.6K+ Indoor/Outdoor Tennis Courts

800+ Beach Volleyball Courts

3.1K+ Ski/Snowboard Resorts

6.4K+ Surfing Spots/Beaches

3.9K+ Volleyball Courts

16K+ Basketball Courts

Coming soon...

Paintball fields, poolhalls, bowling alleys and plenty more to be excited about! And if you got suggestions, please do join our public Slack group to let us know how we can help you.

Each location has...

5 day/3 hour weather forecast

Access to weather forecast while you schedule your next meet-up.

Live chat with local athletes

Communication with local athletes to collaborate and plan your next meet-up.

Calendar for easy scheduling

Drag-n-drop scheduling and can schedule weeks ahead.

Search locations near you.

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Review, Reserve a spot with local players, See current reservations and Subscribe for upcoming events/games/meetups.

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Create individual profiles for all sports you play

  • Sports profiles
    One main or many separate profiles for all the sports you play to highlight your individual skills and accomplishments.
  • Create posts
    You can create publicly accessible blog, news or update posts for individual sports or teams you own so your own subscribers to your profiles and teams can be kept up-to-date!
  • Connect with local athletes
    SAN doesn't have "friendships", only event and action based connections. Your friendship shouldn't be 1 or 0 in some database. You make that friendship out in the real world and that's what the system is designed and built with that very goal in mind.
  • and lot more.
    There are lot more features and functionalities in this system than what can be written in few attention grabbing, over-sensationalized sentenses.

    So try it out, system won't bother you with spammy emails and all the garbage that come along with greed.

Create your own team!

Personalized Team Page

Create your own team profile page with team specific blogging ability.

Let new members find you

Athletes can send request to join your team.
Or recruit from local athletes in your area by searching in your vicinity.

Compete with local teams

Once your team is set up, find other teams near by and you can start a tournament or single games or just practice together.

Each team has members-only private live chat room.

Realtime communication for planning, strategizing and overall team related communication in one place.