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  • - Find or create local events, meetups, competitions, tournaments, matches and more
  • - Find and meet local athletes, coaches, trainers, referees, practice partners
  • - Join or create your team. Claim your home fields and courts.
  • - Live Chatrooms in every location
  • - Post your news or blogs at your locations
  • - Sell your lightly used gears and attire
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How we can help our community and empower athletes everywhere?

"The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit." - Nelson Henderson

  • We have pages dedicated for mountains for climbers and hikers.

    - ad revenue will be put towards forest cleanups, wildlife preservation efforts, reserve funds for possible wild fires, borrow from or lend to neighboring mountains and forests

    -you tip your servers, why not tip/donate to the forests and mountains you hike/climb/USE?

  • All the beaches for surfers and watersport athletes.

    -ad revenue will be put towards beach cleanup efforts, free public classes taught by local coaches/trainers

    -you tip your delivery driver, why not tip/donate to the beaches you USE?

  • All the tennis courts, soccer/football fields.

    -ad revenue will be put towards new nets, cleanups, youth programs and rebuilding efforts

  • All the combat sports gyms for boxers, MMA fighters, Jiu-Jitsu practitioners.

    -find local amateur athletes to build your record, recruit from or get recruited by local gyms/teams.

  • All fields and courts

    -schedule your next workout at your gym and make it easier for others to join

    -building and rebuilding new courts/fields for low-income neighborhoods

    -donate directly to local efforts

    -if you're good at what you do, why not play for $. Find local athletes and teams to compete with and make a living! We'll make the monetary transaction seamless.

  •   and this platform and the idea can be yours!

    if you see the potential, please consider joining our profit sharing program to see how you can earn 10% of the company/platform's profit for as long as we're in business.

    Benefits of joining:
    - early access to our job openings
    - full access to behind the scenes process
    - shadow and follow development process
    - learn how to start your own business and crash course into starting your own tech startup
    - learn web development in 6 months and learn the tricks/tips/secrets of the tech industry
    - watch live development/programming/planning
    - watch our weekly live progress updates
    - join our live chatroom to contribute to surveys and help decide the future of the platform/business
    - if you don't like any of the ideas, come join anyway and help mold it to work for everyone ;)
    - ultimately, you can get involved in any and all of the processes or none of it. Your choice.

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Why Choose Sports & Athlete Network?

Well, other than the site being the first of its kind, sports bring people together! We're helping athletes make real connections in the real world!

9.4K+ Soccer Fields

35K+ Fitness Centers & Gyms

4K+ Skateparks

13.7K+ Running/Hiking Trails

8.7K+ Indoor/Outdoor Tennis Courts

800+ Beach Volleyball Courts

3.1K+ Ski/Snowboard Resorts

6.4K+ Surfing Spots/Beaches

3.9K+ Volleyball Courts

16K+ Basketball Courts

10.8K+ Table Tennis/Ping Pong Courts

2.3K+ other locations

and adding more every day

Each location has...


5 day/3 hour weather forecast

Access to weather forecast while you schedule your next meet-up. forecasting coming soon!

Scheduling your next outings and meetings made super easy!

Online calendar available for all public sports fields, courts & facilities. Accept practice requests from local athletes.


Current and upcoming features

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Sports Profiles
Are you a multi-sport athlete? Even if you're not, you can have an Athlete's Profile page for all the sports you play.
team member team member
Vendor Account
Sell your used sporting apparels and equipments.
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Share Your Playlist
Got good taste of music? Share Spotify playlist on your sports' profiles!
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Curated Sports Homepage
Accumulated events, matches, listings, goods and upcoming reservations under one page from all your subscribed locations.
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Live Chat
Curios as to who's playing or looking to practice? Come join the live chat to connect with your local athletes!
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Coaching / Personal Trainer account types
Associate your professional coaching and PT accounts to locations of your choosing. Make it easy for athletes to find your service!
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Referee account type
Claim fields and courts as your office and start booking upcoming events.
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Blogging Platform
Recently won a match? Tournament? Recovering from injury? Keep all your subscribers up-to-date with everything happening in your life. Vlog? You can do it all.
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Set up matches
Create match requests at your favorite locations and start playing with local athletes. Play for money? We have that option available as well.

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